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David Jenks

The ability of a work of art to uplift our spirits is its greatest attribute. If it can inspire and transport the viewer to another level beyond the material or the visual, then it has accomplished something beyond the physical act of its creation.

I am inexorably drawn to the sea. I paint portraits, still lifes and landscapes, but the effects of sun and clouds over the water are the most compelling. They also demand everything the palette has to offer—and more. I'm painting form but always prospecting for light, striving to see a deeper harmony, to open the door to pure energy.

David Jenks


My goal as a painter is simply to create beauty. One can analyze at great length the question, "What is beauty?" I spent some effort doing that in school. It is a timeless question which has many answers in specific times and places. To me, the timeless answer is something that signifies the divine in human experience. The "sea&skyscapes" represent my attempt at making that connection.

I've looked very intensely at nature for over three decades now, and the sky over the ocean is what I've settled on, not only because of its inherent purity and its obvious spiritual overtones, but because I particularly enjoy the process of rendering it: atmosphere, reflection, and LIGHT. And light, itself, is a metaphor for enlightenment, spirit, that which is good.

So I've coined the phrase "Icons of Spirit" to describe these paintings. They are places to meditate inside a frame. By eliminating the foreground of the traditional seascape, the viewer is set adrift in a more abstract place, removed in a pictorial sense from his normal frame of reference, free to soar toward the divine—on wings of light.

David Jenks