David Ashwell

David Ashwell trained as a Graphic Designer at Kingston College of Art in his native Britain. In 1971, after five years as an advertising art director he became a director of TV commercials, making more than 800 commercials in over 30 countries. He has won awards in every major advertising competition in both Europe and the US.

In 2001 he gave up directing to become a full time painter, mostly of Malibu landscapes. His work has been sold in France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, England, Canada and here in the United States. He has had 5 solo shows at Skidmore Contemporary Art, now located at Bergamot Station in Santa Monica, CA.

David Ashwell's landscapes reveal his unique way of seeing the world. As a successful director of television commercials, he learned how to frame a shot perfectly. This special talent gave him the ability to capture familiar scenes at their best moment, creating timeless, iconic images. He also has the singular skill of finding beauty in places we often overlook. Whether he is painting Zuma Beach or East L.A., his canvases capture the distinctive aura of Los Angeles in a way that is riveting and unforgettable.

The artist said: "I approach my landscape work in the same way I used to look for a location for filming. I visit a likely location at various times of day to photograph the changing light—soft, early light; harsh midday sun and golden magic hour—each painting the scene differently."

For the past 5 years David has devoted his painting time to a charity project benefitting Save the Children. He is currently painting landscapes for a sixth show at Skidmore Contemporary Art which will open in 2017.